Annual Health Checklist for Adults

We all think that we are invulnerable to the hazards of the modern era, but we all secretly know that it isn’t true. We are all mortals, and we are all fragile beings when it comes to the unannounced visit of harmful diseases and ailments.

If you visit an urgent care clinic, you can consult a physician and get a recommended annual health checklist for adults. These lists and tests inform you about your current medical condition and keep your alert about any health issues you might have.

Men’s Health Checklist

While our internal biological system is quite similar, yet there are some unique tests for both the genders. Men’s health checklist differs slightly from women’s. Following are the most important items on the checklist.

Bone Mineral Density Test

If anyone has ever had a fracture, broken bone or an accident, a bone mineral density test is a must. It keeps you up-to-date with the medical condition and density levels of your bone structure.

Blood Glucose Test

Nearly 40% of the world population suffers from one blood disease or another. Some are afflicted by diabetes, while others suffer from high glucose levels. These tests inform you of the risks of developing high cholesterol, high glucose level or high blood sugar level.

A physician at an urgent care clinic will also help you fight the disease and guide you with the right treatment procedures.

Miscellaneous Tests

There are other tests which are elemental to keeping your health levels functioning:

  • Ear, Eyes and Dental
  • Colonoscopy
  • Testicular Tests
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • HIV Tests
  • STD Tests

Women’s Health Checklist

Women are also prone to the same diseases that men are. However, there are some additional tests and checklist items that are different. A standard women’s health checklist includes the following:

Mammogram and Breast Exam

If you visit an urgent care clinic, the physician will recommend an extensive breast exam and mammogram to ensure that you have not developed any lumps or cancerous growths. It is of utmost importance that you check yourself for any kind of cancerous cells.

Bone Mineral Density Test

Female bone mass peaks around the age of 30. The women of the modern world suffer from a lack of calcium and lower bone density. Stay up-to-date and take necessary precautions to ensure a positive and healthy bone density ratio.

Cervical Cancer

You should get yourselves checked for cervical cancer every year. The cervical cancers can be treated, addressed and eliminated if caught early.

Miscellaneous Tests

  • STD Tests
  • Hearing Tests
  • Dental Exams
  • Colonoscopy
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol

The Bottom Line

Visit the nearest clinic, and consult a doctor to get a proper health checklist for adults. A majority of diseases can be caught and treated early with proper tests and regular checkups. Don’t be a tragedy, and keep yourself healthy.