Dogs are one of the most loving pets. Right? Almost 36% of households have dogs as their friendly pets. People love to enjoy with their pets. Especially in spring, people spend a great time in the lovely sunshine with their pets. 

People bring their dogs out for a walk, and this also includes hiking sites, camping sites, eateries, parks, and even local shops. It’s always a magnificent sight to see people being generous to animals.

Dog Bites and Affected Population

Dogs can, however, create severe problems if the owners do not manage them properly. You will never expect dogs to act wildly as they are our most trusted and faithful pets and companions. But, you never know when a stressful situation urges the dog to behave in a particularly peculiar way. 

It is estimated that almost 4.7 million dog bites occur every year in the USA. Out of these 4.7 million dog bites, approximately 800,000 need professional medical care. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declares that almost 50% of all the children who are under the age of 12 years have suffered from dog bites.

dog bite

Complications of A Dog Bite:

A dog bite may come with many different complications. The dogs may contain bacteria in their mouths. Following types of bacteria are common:

  • Staphylococcus
  • Pasteurella
  • Capnocytophaga

These can cause severe bacterial infections, including:

  • Tetanus
  • Rabies



Tetanus is a severe kind of virus that is caused by bacterial infections. Tetanus can cause severe damage to your nervous system.


Rabies is the most dangerous one. Suffering from a dog bite might create a significant risk of getting infected by rabies. Rabies is a deadly virus that spreads due to the bite of infected animals. If you get a dog bite, seek professional help from the nearest urgent care clinic as soon as possible.

Rabies is a fatal virus. It can even cause the death of people. This deadly virus can result in a dreadful death if not treated. 

treatment of a dog bite

Treatment of A Dog Bite:

Dog bites should be treated immediately. If not treated on time, they can cause severe problems that can even cause people to face death.

Check your wound more often and look out for the following symptoms:

  • Redness
  • Tenderness to touch
  • Warmth
  • Swelling

If you observe any of the symptoms mentioned above, do not ignore them at any cost. Visit the nearest urgent care clinic to get your treatment done. 

Follow these treatment steps if you get a dog bite:

  1. Thoroughly wash the wound with warm water and soap.
  2. Press your wound gently with a clean cloth to stop the bleeding.
  3. Use antibacterial ointment.
  4. Cover your wound with a sterile bandage.
  5. Watch out for inflectional signs.
  6. Seek professional help from your nearest urgent care clinic

The Bottom Line:

Dog bites can be terrifying. When left untreated, these bites can cause severe complications to occur. Get proper knowledge about the risks dog bites may include. 

Seeking professional help is extremely important. Do not hesitate to visit the nearest Urgent Care clinic for treatment.