How to Be Safe with Fireworks This 4th of July?

Fireworks are the best when it comes to celebrations. Every country uses fireworks for special occasions, such as holidays, political victories, national day, and New Year’s Eve. Are you also one of those people who are mesmerized by the bright lights in the dark sky?

Americans wrap up their Independence day with a great show of fireworks. If you are a fan of , and you plan to lighten up your 4th of July with amazing fireworks, there is one important thing you should know; fireworks come with a great risk of harm. You need to be extra careful to keep yourself safe and sound. Here, we have some helpful tips:

If you employ precaution, you will rarely have to deal with the severe consequences of fireworks. Here are some tips to make fireworks less dangerous and safe to play with.

Use Fireworks Outdoors Only

Using fireworks indoors can be dangerous. Most fireworks create smoke and fire which can cause damage to your home and your health. Fire and smoke can ruin the interior of your house. Your clothes can catch on fire as well. To avoid such dangers, use fireworks outdoors only.

If you seriously injure yourself during fireworks, consult the nearest urgent care to get immediate help.

Keep Children Away

Keep the fireworks out of the reach of children. Forbid your children from igniting any kind of fireworks. Fireworks can cause severe burns and bruises. If you or your children suffer burns from fireworks, visit your nearest urgent care right away.

Use Only Legal Fireworks

The safety measures regarding fireworks start as soon as their manufacturing starts. Manufacturers of fireworks have to follow a sensitive set of rules to provide safety to their customers.

You should always purchase fireworks with a Common Class C rating. This rating means that they are safe to use, and are intended for the general public to use.

Protective Precautions

Protect your eyes and ears. Both these parts of your body are extremely sensitive. Getting a pair of earplugs and safety glasses can help in case the fireworks event goes awry.

You can get this equipment from any hardware store. Almost 40% of the injuries related to fireworks happen in the head area. Cover your eyes, ears and other sensitive parts of the body to stay safe.

The Bottom Line

You should consult your nearest urgent care to learn more about safety with fireworks. Never ignore the cautions and instructions written on the packaging. Follow them strictly to avoid any sort of problem and enjoy a safe firework experience.

Here are summarized tips for being safe with fireworks.

  • Keep the children stand at a safe distance from the bonfire, fireworks or any fire in general.
  • Everyone should be away from the display.
  • Never return to a lit firework.
  • Never throw fireworks with hand. Place them on the ground and then ignite them.
  • Keep fireworks in a closed metal box at all times. Heat can cause chemicals to ignite at random
  • Always follow the instructions when using fireworks.