How to Be Prepared for Hurricanes and Disasters in Florida?

If you live in Florida, you need to be ready and prepared for hurricanes and natural disasters. Disasters come unannounced, and one needs to be prepared for such events in order to keep their family safe from harm.

The state of Florida spends most of its time battling against natural disasters and tragedies. Hurricanes, floods, thunderstorms, and other disasters. So, if you are living in Florida or new to the region, prepare yourself for disasters with the following guidelines.

Hurricane Hazards

Hurricane is a natural merry-go-round with a lot of hazards wrapped inside. Here are some of the most common hazards for hurricanes in Florida.

  • Inland Flooding: Inland Flooding has caused more than 50 percent of deaths by tropical cyclones in the United States. Hurricanes can flood the land with water, and trapped people become victims of drowning.
  • High Winds: This is an obvious one, but hurricane winds are powerful enough to rip poorly constructed buildings from the face of the earth. The pieces of debris become flying missiles inside the hurricane.
  • Tornadoes: Most people think of a tornado when they think of hurricanes. Well, some hurricanes lose their power before giving birth to tornadoes, but most of them bring along tornadoes. It only adds to the destructive powers of a hurricane.

Consult a local physician at the nearest urgent care to be prepared for injuries during a disaster. They can guide you towards creating a useful first aid kit for such events.

Preparations for A Hurricane

Here are the best tips to survive a hurricane in Florida.

  • Disaster Supply Kit: Build, preserve, and continuously upgrade your disaster emergency kit for your family and yourself. If you have pets with you, include them in your action plan as well.
  • Storm Surge: Hurricane winds push the water toward the shore causing a storm surge. If your area is inside a storm surge, evacuate in time. If you are trapped, make sure that you are not trapped in a closed room. Be prepared.
  • Wind Damage: If your house is within the range of a hurricane, be prepared for the wind damage. Bolt your doors, place wooden support against the windows, and stay away from the windows.
  • Backup Radio: Keep a backup radio or an SAT phone with you to contact the authorities when the towers go down.
  • Safe-Room: Build a powerful underground safe-room for your family. This room can protect you against house invasions, robberies, and natural disasters. Make sure to regularly stock the room with fresh food.
  • Community Watch: Build a community watch to help one another prepare for storms and evacuate in time. Unity brings strength.

The Bottom Line

Talk to a local consultant at the nearest urgent care and prepare a first aid kit beforehand. The best protective measure against natural disasters is an evacuation. However, if you cannot evacuate in time, be prepared. Make sure that you stay away from the windows. Move to a safe room, and keep yourself stocked with food. Do your best to stay away from open electrical outlets and water.