When you have Arthritis it’s not just one disease, it has different types of it that is affecting people from all type of ages.

In this article, you will find important facts about Arthritis.

Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis

This is the signs that can tell if you have Arthritis:

  1. Joint pain
  2. Joint swelling
  3. Joint stiffness

When you are experiencing joint pain, and it is your first time, it does not necessarily mean that you have Arthritis. But if you experience this a lot in just one day then that is the sign that you should consult your doctor. You can also see that your joints are swelling. Mostly it will happen in your knees. Check this Urgent Care so you can be prepared on your travel and this Arthritis occur.

If the joints on your knees will swell then you will have a hard time walking.

The Important Facts About Arthritis Most People Are Unware

This is the list that you can check most people are unaware of their condition:

important facts of arthritis

1. There is no cure for Arthritis but can be well managed

Currently, there is no exact cure, wherein you can just take medicine and it will be removed on your system and will not occur again. When you will consult your Doctor they will provide you with treatment that can help manage the pain and change the lifestyle that can not trigger the joint pain and so on.

Having a healthy lifestyle is one of the big change that you are going to do. Basically stopping smoking, drinking alcohol and doing exercise on a regular basis.

facts about arthritis

2. There Are Multiple Types of Arthritis

Arthritis is not a single disease, and the Doctors have found different types of joint disorders with its own unique symptoms. According to Arthritis.org “There are more than 100 different forms of arthritis and related diseases. The most common types include osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriatic arthritis (PsA), fibromyalgia and gout. All of them cause pain in different ways.”

3. Drinking tea could lower your risk

When you love caffeine in your system chances are almost 80% you can double the effect of the pain. In order to lessen the Arthritis from attacking your body, you should start drinking Tea approximately 6 cups a day. Caffeine doesn’t really help your body. It is better to drink healthy.

4. Animals can develop Arthritis

We all know that Arthritis normally occur in humans. But dogs, cats, and other animals develop it too. The process or situation is still the same, they develop joint inflammation which can cause their body to loose weight because of lack of appetite.

5. Injuries increase arthritis risk

People who experience knee injuries have a 60% chance to develop Arthritis compared to those who didn’t.

Among the adults who have knee injuries develop Arthritis at later age (60+ years old). And if they have hip injuries it will have 30% they are more likely to develop this type of suffering in later age.

6. Children get arthritis too

Rheumatoid arthritis or RA is the type of arthritis that can develop in children. The age of the children is at the range of 1 year old to 3 years old.

Even when you are at home having Arthritis on your system it can make your life very hard, difficult and so complicated. Especially when you are travelling, so it is better to consult your doctor and remember what he or she will advise on your problem. Avoid unhealthy diet and keep on doing exercise.