What is Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness may be a quite common disturbance of the internal ear.

It is caused by a repeated motion from a vehicle or any other movements that disturb the inner ear. This condition is generally called motion sickness. When riding on a boat or ship, it is commonly referred to as seasickness – but it is the same disorder.

Motion sickness typically remarked as seasickness or vehicle sickness may be a quite common disturbance of the internal ear that’s caused by recurrent motion. Anyone will develop motion sickness, however, individuals vary in their sensitivity to motion. Motion sickness most ordinarily affects kids from two to twelve years recent, pregnant girls, and folks WHO are liable to migraines.

In addition to sea travel, sickness will develop from the movement of an automobile or turbulence in AN plane.

Preventing Motion Sickness Before the Journey

  1. Avoid excessive alcohol and foods or liquids that “do not agree with you”
  2. Do not sit facing backward
  3. Sit in the front if it is available.
  4. Do not read while traveling.
  5. Avoiding strong food odors may also help prevent nausea.
  6. Try to choose a seat where you will experience the least motion.

Be careful what you eat & drink

motion sickness - man eating

man eating

The best foods are light and bland, such as saltine crackers, plain bread, or pretzels. Having some food in your stomach is better than having an empty stomach, but be careful not to eat too much.

Also, you may wish to sip some ginger ale: Ginger may be a well-known natural remedy for the ailment. Peppermint also may have calming effects on the stomach. Many people notice that consumption barmy beside water or soda helps.

Take Medication

motion sickness - take medication

to take medication

If you have a doctor and provide you with medication for your problem. Then before you are going to travel be sure to take this medication so you will not experience sickness in your travel. Especially if you are going to travel for five hours or more.

Get Prepared before motion sickness kicks in

Being prepared before traveling is important so you won’t suffer during your journey. Mostly you will experience these problems when you are going to travel through airplane, train, bus, or boat.

If it is your first time, then being prepared before the journey is what you should do.

Choose your Seat

Choosing where you are going to seat is important also to experience fewer bumps or dizziness. Sitting in front of the bus can help you or can make you feel relaxed.

If you recognize that you just get motion sickness, you must most likely only sail on larger ships and choose itineraries that undergo calmer bodies of water.

Keep your eyes on the horizon

When you are on a bus or larger ships, don’t look at the sides of the bus where you will feel dizzy. Focus on objects that are less moving fast. Like watching the horizon. In this way, you will feel focus and can avoid being dizzy and sick.


A simple methodology for relieving common and gentle car sickness is chewing. Chewing gum has uncanny effectiveness for reducing car sickness in those affected. A variety of chewing gum is available for purchase online.

Chewing gum, however, isn’t the sole factor one could chew to relieve gentle effects of car sickness, snacking on sweets, or simply change of state, in general, looks to cut back adverse effects of the conflict between vision and balance.


If you experience this in your journey and you don’t have any remedies to the pain then go directly to your Urgent Care Clinic.