Side Effects of Electronic Devices

The devices made with the help of advancement in science for the ease of people are known as electronic devices.

These devices enable people to work much more quickly and easily. These devices are invented for allowing people to work out problems in lesser time and with more quality and reliability.

There is a thin line of balance between too much and not enough in the use of everything. This balance when not maintained can create problems for the users or people.

Why Excessive Use of Electronic Devices Is Alarming?

In this age of modern sciences and advanced electronic devices, life has become too busy, and people have stopped giving attention to their health cycles. This lack of attention towards one’s health can cause many different problems which ultimately lead to chronic health difficulties.

Your local physician at the nearest urgent care can educate you properly about the side effects of excessive use of electronic devices.

Raising a generation surrounded by a world full of technology, it has become very difficult for people to restrict them from the use of such devices, but these devices can have the following disturbing effects upon the lives of people:

Lack of Physical Activities

People who are excessively engaged in the use of electronic devices exaggerate their use in majority. This exaggeration limits their physical activities.

This lack of physical activities can cause a number of health problems in people. Obesity is one of the main problems caused by this side effect.

The majority of kids in this generation are seen as overweight. Obesity can lead to severe health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. as the fats cannot be burnt or used to their fullest.

The Weakening of Eyesight

Screens and the radiations emitted by them can cause high levels of strain in your eyes. This strain can cause your eyesight to become weaker day by day.

Many kids are seen wearing glasses to aid their vision which gets weak because of uncontrolled use of technology.


Stress is one of the major side effects that is caused by too much use of electronic devices. This stress is the result of using technological devices in excess as the exposure of people gets restricted to screens only.

Their mind starts to become dull and drab as it is a well-known fact that outdoor exposure is essential for refreshing our brains.

When the proper amount of relaxation is not provided to our mind and body, they start to get stressed and tensed ultimately resulting in harmful health problems such as depression, anxiety, IBS, etc.


People who use electronic devices more often and for a longer time span are observed with a higher rate of headache problems such as migraines.

Sleep Disturbances

Researches have made it clear that the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices can disturb a normal sleep pattern as it activates stress and fatigue in the body.

Pain Caused by Bad Posture

Having a bad posture while using these devices can cause backache, pain in shoulders and neck and weakening of nerves.

Having a detailed observation on this matter by visiting a physician from your nearest urgent care can guide you further.