Skin Care Tips for The Summer

Summers are loved by all because that time of the year is only for parties, gatherings, beaches and a lot of enjoyment. Summer is the time for an uninterrupted fun, but everything can be ruined if the summers start taking a toll on your skin.

Many factors can negatively affect your skin during summers such as:

  • Humidity
  • Pollution
  • Scorching Heat
  • Sweat
  • Allergies
  • Infections

With all these factors, it gets difficult to maintain the perfect glowing skin that you’ve been working on for a long time. You may visit any urgent care to know the medical aspects of these factors. If you avoid all the negative effects like rashes and aging by these factors, you should be following some very easy and simple skin care tips.

1) Maintain Hygiene

The biggest factor that damages your skin is dust and sweat mixing up, blocking your skin pores and inviting different bacterial and viral infections. Maintaining general hygiene is really important to avoid such negative effects of summer.

Wash your face from time to time with anti-bacterial soap and take a bath twice or at least once a day, preferably with neem water, as it is a perfect way to wash away all the dirt and pollution from your skin, keeping your skin fresh and providing a great if you have body odor issues.

2) Stay Hydrated

Your H2O intake has to do a lot with your skin health. Less amount of water intake results in dehydration and toxins start gathering in and around your skin which may cause poor skin health such as dry skin, wrinkles, and even acne.

In order to get rid of the skin and body toxins, it is advised to at least drink 8 glasses of water a day. In addition to washing out toxins, it keeps your skin and body fresh and provides a vibrant glow to your skin.

3) Apply Sunscreen

Sun seems to be a perfect buddy as everybody yearns for a perfect tan in summers but too much UV radiation intake in the form of sunlight has a destructive effect on the skin and it may cause skin burns or even cancer in some cases. Learn more about the medical aspect from your local urgent care.

It is recommended to use sunscreens that come in SPF 30 and SPF 70 and contain UVA and UVB products. Higher SPF sunscreens aren’t much effective. In order to know how much sunscreen is enough, remember that a teaspoon of sunscreen for your face and a shot glass of sunscreen for your body is the right amount. Sunscreens don’t last forever so you should re-apply it when out in sun for a prolonged period of time

4) Use Lotion

It is a widely spread misconception that the skin, particularly the oily skin, doesn’t get dry during summer and doesn’t need to be moisturized, it is important to know that the skin does lose its moisture in summers too.

To prevent your skin from getting flakey and dry, use light summery lotions instead of thick winter moisturizers, especially the ones containing vitamin E and Aloe Vera as they provide additional nourishment to the skin.

5) Eat Healthily

With all the fun and excitement going around, we easily forget to take care of our diet and gobble on whatever we like without taking into account all the effects they might have on the skin.

For glowing skin, eat freshly harvested seasonal fruits and vegetables, try to have numerous lighter meals than having few large meals, consume cooling foods, say no to cold drinks and go for fresh juices instead. It is recommended to have a diet plan specially made for you from your local urgent care.

What Do We Conclude?

It is obvious that everything in life needs attention. Same is the case with your skin. It is not very difficult to protect your skin from the effects of summer as all it takes is a little care and change in lifestyle. Follow the above-mentioned steps or get yourself educated from your local urgent care to have perfectly healthy skin this summer.